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9 Aug

Been pretty busy the last few days but I wanted to do a quick update while I had a spare moment. Out of our seven embryos four were able to be frozen on day-5 and one more was frozen on day-6. I’m not sure what happened to the others, but I’m feeling good about the number we got. If **fingers crossed** there are no problems with thawing it will give us enough for two FET’s. Most likely we will attempt to transfer three on the first transfer and save the other two for a second transfer if needed.


Daily Report

6 Aug

Just got the daily report on our seven lil’ embryos. They called later today then they have any other day which caused me to sit here for almost three hours playing the what-if game. Even though our clinic had warned us that somedays they might call later and not to worry because it didn’t mean anything I still sat here and worried because its something I’ve always done well.

Out of our seven embryos five have reached the stage where they can no longer count individual cells the other two are right on the cusp. He said he felt pretty good that those five would be ready to freeze tomorrow the other two he thought might make it but he didn’t want to promise anything. I feel pretty good about how they have grown and I only hope that once transferred they continue to grow like champs.

In other news I’ve been “sequestered” for the morning while the company that installed the tile in our living room and hallway come back out to fix all the stuff they screwed up. While I love the tile itself I am soooooooo not happy with their shoddy work. It was only supposed to take two hours they have already been here for three. Also whatever chemical they are using to clean up the grout that they got everywhere is the nastiest smelling crap ever. I will be very glad when they are done and out of my house for good.

To bide my time I started watching “New Girl” on Netflix, it’s actually pretty funny although there are some scenes where Zooey Deschenal’s character completely grates my nerves but its a nice change of pace from all the super serious dramas I’ve been watching lately. Plus laughing is supposed to be good for you, so might as well!

Grow Embryos Grow

4 Aug

Quick update- the embryologist called today with the 2-day update. The seven that fertilized are still trucking along, currently 4 are at the 4-cell stage and the other 3 are at 3-cells. I’m really looking forward to/dreading the results tomorrow as I feel that might be a better indicator. Since they are taking them to day 5 before freezing them I feel it’s going to be a really long week.

how many eggs to put into one basket?

6 Jun

So, I follow numerous infertility support-type groups on Facebook and one of them posed an interesting question today regarding multiple embryo transfer for IVF; asking people how many they would opt for or how many they have opted for.  Most people have went with the one or the two and it seemed like many of them have had or are in the middle of successful pregnancies.  The hubs and I have talked about it a little bit and decided that two would be a good number as it might up the odds of one of them successfully implanting or if both of them took that would be awesome as well.

Since we haven’t started the IVF process yet with our doctor I’m not sure what the maximum number of embryos he would transfer would be, I would imagine he would do one or two but maybe three in unusual cases.  If our case was deemed unusual for any reason it made me wonder if we would consider going with three embryos.  Don’t get me wrong, I have no desire to be the next octomom – I just keep playing the statistics in my head and our crappy luck that we have had so far in regards to getting and staying pregnant.  IF three would give us a better chance at ending up pregnant I could possibly be all for it.  But then what if they all took and then on top of that they all magically split so I there ended up six babies, I can’t even fathom that.  Just like there is always a percentage of a chance for a positive pregnancy test there is also a percentage of a chance (no matter how small) that the splitting and super multiples would happen.   When the hubs and I were having our IUI’s on our third round I had something like 7 mature follicles – the doctor warned us of the risks but we went ahead, of course not a single one of them took and we ended up with a BFN, but there was still that chance.  The hubs and I have spoke some about selective reduction and I told him that I couldn’t do it – as pro-choice as I am I just would never bring myself to be able to do that, we are fighting tooth and nail to have a family why would I turn my back on what we end up with.  So this brings me back to the initial question – how many is too many, when does trying to up the odds just turn into foolishness?  As of today if we started IVF and the doctor said “sure I’ll implant three embryos” – would we do it?  Perhaps this is all wishful thinking, perhaps I should just be thinking “please, let there be one or even two good ones – and please let one of them stick”.  I should be thinking that, but my mind is constantly going – constantly trying to work out all the angles, all the chances, all the percentages no matter how slight they might be.  All I know is that at the end of all of this I just want a child, I want our family to grow and I’ll do what I have to do to make that happen.