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weekly roundup

16 Jun

Here are some tidbits from my week:

* I placed an order for Royal Jelly (as per one of my posts earlier this week) and supposedly it was delivered according to UPS but it and the present we ordered for my father magically went missing.  We are pretty sure the issue was on UPS’s end and not that one of our shady neighbors stole them.  According to the tracking they both happened to be delivered at the same time (even though they were shipped from different companies with different shipping methods).  Luckily the vitamin shoppe agreed to replace the order, haven’t been able to get in contact with the other company as they are closed for the weekend, hopefully they will do the same.  Very frustrating – and I have to try to figure out something else to get my dad for fathers day.

*Haven’t heard back from the state regarding our Dog Foster application, hopefully it won’t be much longer! I had hoped since I’m in the same city as the state department of Agriculture (who processes the application) it would be done in a more timely fashion – apparently not.

*The husband & I gave up cable awhile back to save money (a.k.a I’m cheap) – but to replace it we did opt for netflix and we are able to get HBOGO (thanks mom & her direct tv) on our XBOX.  So I’ve constantly been on the look out for shows to watch from these two sources, the hubs and I have been watching “Psych” together.  I have a harder time finding stuff to watch by myself as most of the stuff I would want to watch he also would want to watch.  I recently finished “Mad Men” (which seriously if you haven’t watched yet then get to it!).  Today I decided to start watching “Boardwalk Empire”, I’m only three episodes in so far but it looks pretty promising.  Anyone have any other shows they might recommend that would be available on Netflix or HBO?

So that’s about it in general type of news – I’ll be doing a post later today regarding some stuff that is infertility related!