Daily Report

6 Aug

Just got the daily report on our seven lil’ embryos. They called later today then they have any other day which caused me to sit here for almost three hours playing the what-if game. Even though our clinic had warned us that somedays they might call later and not to worry because it didn’t mean anything I still sat here and worried because its something I’ve always done well.

Out of our seven embryos five have reached the stage where they can no longer count individual cells the other two are right on the cusp. He said he felt pretty good that those five would be ready to freeze tomorrow the other two he thought might make it but he didn’t want to promise anything. I feel pretty good about how they have grown and I only hope that once transferred they continue to grow like champs.

In other news I’ve been “sequestered” for the morning while the company that installed the tile in our living room and hallway come back out to fix all the stuff they screwed up. While I love the tile itself I am soooooooo not happy with their shoddy work. It was only supposed to take two hours they have already been here for three. Also whatever chemical they are using to clean up the grout that they got everywhere is the nastiest smelling crap ever. I will be very glad when they are done and out of my house for good.

To bide my time I started watching “New Girl” on Netflix, it’s actually pretty funny although there are some scenes where Zooey Deschenal’s character completely grates my nerves but its a nice change of pace from all the super serious dramas I’ve been watching lately. Plus laughing is supposed to be good for you, so might as well!


One Response to “Daily Report”

  1. Erin August 6, 2013 at 7:40 pm #

    Awesome news about your embryos! Sending you positive ju-ju and crossing my fingers for you as well.

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