The hubs and I have adopted two rescue doggies (Cheyanne & Phoebe) since we got married and we recently found our third dog  (Molly Jo – a rat terrier) running around our neighborhood as a stray after trying to locate her people (she was underweight and we think probably just dumped) we decided to keep her – so now we have three furbabies!

Cheyanne was our first and so she holds a special place in our heart – she was very timid and scared of everything when we got her and would duck when anyone would try to pet her 😦  Now a few years later she is a completely different dog, shes not as timid (although she still gets scared by loud noises), and she is incredibly loving and smart!

Phoebe was our second and we got her from the same rescue agency we got Cheyanne from. She is a chihuahua mix, but her personality is ALL chihuahua, she likes to think that she is the queen bee boss and will get on to either of the other two if they are doing something she thinks they shouldn’t be doing.  However at the same time she is also a total cuddlebug and loves nothing more than to be petted and fawned over.

Molly is our newest dog – as I said we found her as a stray and she stole our hearts.  She is still a puppy and has insane puppy energy, she is a rat terrier but I think she thinks she is half kangaroo half deer as she constantly stands up on her hind legs in the exact way a kangaroo does with her front legs all folded in to her chest, then when she isn’t doing that she’s hopping/leaping like a deer everywhere.

With three dogs – we are never bored!!


2 Responses to “Furbabies”

  1. Risa July 23, 2013 at 9:36 pm #

    Adorable dogs!

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