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there is a marching band in my uterus

15 Jul

Mother Nature thou art a heartless bitch.  Since my last IUI I have had all of one menstrual cycle, today #2 decided to show up.  I go on vacation in a little over a week.  For about the last decade when my cycle does decide to show up it is either 1.) medically/chemically induced, 2.) Lasts for over a year for some unknown reason or 3.) makes me feel like I”m going to die.   Currently it’s #3.  I don’t just get cramps, I get magical cramps that make me vomit.


Seriously, this better be done with by next week.  I’m road tripping my happy butt clear across the country with my husband for two weeks.  Part of our trip is at a romantic bed & breakfast, pretty sure if this is still going on there isn’t going to be much romance happening.  I am not a happy camper.

There is a part of me that wants to try and look at it in a positive way and think “Huzzah, Metformin you are doing your job!!” – but seriously, the timing is pretty sucky so realistic me slaps down positive me every time I try to tell myself that.   Even my husband who is usually Mr. Sunshine & Rainbows couldn’t even manage to put a good spin on this.

A picture of my uterus currently