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I need a nap

26 Jun

So I (obviously) haven’t posted for a few days – things have been completely crazy in my neck of the woods.  We got our foster dog on Monday, we picked her up at the metro shelter about 90minutes from our house – poor baby was completely emaciated and had kennel sores all over her legs.  We brought her home and played doggie musical chairs to get her into the house without coming into contact with our three dogs.  Finally got her into our laundry room to discover that the kennel we had was just a few inches to short to keep her in.  So I made the brilliant decision to just leave her in the laundry room instead of the kennel.  I went back and forth numerous times throughout the day – she is an incredibly sweet dog, wants to be petted and loved and kept trying to crawl into my lap (mind you she’s no lap dog).  I had been really good about keeping our dogs away from the door when I went in and out, but at one point I started to open the door and she had apparently been directly on the other side.  She caught side of our shepard/terrier mix and lunged for her knocking me out of the way.  By the time I was able to grab on to her she had our dog by the neck, I tried every trick I knew to get dogs apart and nothing was working – my husband was trying to grab onto our dog and I had our foster by the neck.  I finally got her to release by closing the door on her.  Our dog didn’t have any major injuries but it did break the skin in a few places and I could tell she was kind of shaken up.  I ended up with a small bite on my finger (which was my own damn fault and no fault what-so-ever of the dogs) and a pulled muscle in my shoulder.  I called the lady who runs the rescue to talk to her about it, obviously there was no way I could keep her.  We finally arranged that I would take another one of their dogs that they were currently housing at the rescue so the spot would be open for them to take her back (if she had went back to the metro shelter she would have immediately been killed).

Took her there this morning, she was around some of their dogs and didn’t do anything but sniff their butts – so I do think it was just a fluke thing, two female dogs who didn’t want anything to do with each other and who knows what else.  I do believe once she is done with rehabing she is going to make someone an awesome dog though.  The dog we picked up today to free a spot at the rescue is a smaller dog, a male, real cute – he kinda looks like a mix of a welsh corgi & a chihuahua.  We brought him home and there really haven’t been any incidents, the dogs all get along together (although our youngest Molly just seems confused as to what this thing is and why is it touching her people & things).  Pretty sure he will be short term because he is really adoptable.  Hopefully I’ll get him to a few adoption events in the next few weeks and find him a forever home.

Also (on the non-dog front) I’ve been dealing with baby mama drama with my nephew – him and his baby mama have been at each others throats and they apparently feel the need to involve everyone with their drama.  I chalk a lot of it up to their age and their home situations growing up.  I feel bad for them and for their baby, but I’m his aunt not his mother and he’s a grown ass adult – he needs to take care of his.   I try to keep myself as removed from it as possible – my house is a drama free zone (except doggie drama :P) but watching it put stress on my mother puts stress on me.

Hubby has also been working a ton of overtime and our sleep schedules are a bit messed up because we have spent so much time running around (mainly to a town that is a good 90mins from our house – one way).  I’m tired, my immune system is completely run down, and I could really use a good nap because I’m becoming cranky.

I wish the excitement in my life could be something awesome like “I totally just won the lottery!!!” or “IVF,  we totally don’t need that anymore cause we got a BFP on our own!!” or perhaps “I totally got to make -out with Channing Tatum and my husband was okay with it!!”.  Alas, it is none of those things – it’s doggie drama, family drama & lack of sleep.   I think at this point I’m gonna take me some hydrocodone & a nice long nap.


Well that just happened

14 Jun

Just found out my nephew’s 19-year old girlfriend who he has a 6 week old son with is likely pregnant again.  I don’t even want to really process this today – even remotely.  I mean seriously, did no one give this girl the birth control talk – not even her damn doctor?

She was just talking about going back to school and now she knows if she is pregnant (again) that probably isn’t going to happen.  They have no money, no jobs, no transportation and they are currently living at her grandmothers house.

I seriously don’t even know how to deal – my husband and I were in the middle of talking about the timing for our IVF treatments this upcoming winter and figuring out the finances when I got the news.