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the waiting game

2 Jun

I haven’t been posting here very much simply because not a whole lot has been going on.  Been busy working on my conversion stuff (seriously I’m drowning in reading material) and working on some planning for me and the hubs vacation this summer.  While doing the budgeting for our vacation I realized that there is really no way that we will have our credit cards paid down to a zero balance by the fall when we wanted to start IVF treatment.  The hubs and I talked about it at great length and decided the only solution was to put off IVF till the start of the new year, neither of us are very happy about it as we hate waiting but we know it’s the right decision for us financially.  The hubs and I are very fortunate to live (besides some credit card debt) debt free, our home is paid off as is our car.  However, do be able to do IVF we will need to do a HELOC loan on our house and we don’t want to be carrying any credit card debt when we apply for that or when we need to start paying it back.

I’m very frustrated at this latest news, more of the same ol’ waiting game that I am so sick of .  Trying my best to keep myself occupied but it doesn’t work all the time.  Anyone have any tips for dealing with the waiting game?