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Day Three

5 Aug

So today 4 of the embryos are at 8-cell while the other 3 are at 6-cell. The embryologist also informed that today would be the day they do the assisted hatching.

I asked them if he could tell me what they graded the embryos, he actually seemed surprised I asked (are their seriously women who don’t ask?!). He happily informed that they were all grade A, I am a bit surprised that the ones that are only at 6-cell would be rated that high, but I will go with what they told me.

I meant to ask him to transfer me to one of the nurses but got sidetracked. Need to see if they can call in a RX for my yeast infection and possibly my constipation. I can’t believe that this many days after retrieval I’m still as physically miserable as I am. Hopefully the nurses can call me in something without much issue.


Not as expected

3 Aug

Just wanted to give a quick update I had my retrieval on Friday the doctor somehow was able to access my right ovary so he was able to get 15 eggs in total. I have pretty much been miserable since Friday everything I’ve read online says most people are fine the day after their retrieval I am not I can barely walk, I can’t go to bathroom, and to top it all off I’m getting a yeast infection from the antibiotics that they gave me prior to the retrieval.

Got the phone call from the embryologist this morning out of the 15 eggs that they got only seven fertilized it was not the number that we were hoping for at all, especially since they’re going to have to make it to 5-day blastocysts and then survive being frozen and thawed.

I’m really trying to think positive and I’ve looked online trying to find other people that have had low numbers of fertilized eggs and they’ve made it to the fifth day and then resulted in a positive pregnancy test but it’s really really hard. I think even my husband who is usually so positive is having a really hard time dealing with our odds. He asked me earlier if maybe that this should be it for us, that we try this and then once we’re done with these than we are done. But I just don’t know, part if me screams to try until we have nothing left- no money, no hope, no anything. When I want to give up I think back to my first IUI and how happy we were when we got the BFP, and although it was short lived I see the look on my husbands face that was pure joy- that look keeps me going. Every time I had to inject something into my stomach or cry during an ultrasound because they had to work so hard to find my ovaries I think if that look and I bite my lip and I keep going.

20130803-233004.jpgNo matter what.