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26 Jul

Went in for another ultrasound/bloodwork today.  The doctor still couldn’t find my right ovary and my left only had about 8 follicles none of which was bigger than 15.  I’m still bleeding really bad from my period, but the doctor said my lining was currently in the process of the re-thickening (which if that’s the case, where in the hell is all this blood & not pretty stuff coming from?!?!?!).

My Estradiol levels were 838, so they have went up from my blood work earlier this week – but what’s being shown on the ultrasound is not filling me with a whole lot of hope.  If they only end up with 8 follicles to work with I really don’t know what that’s going to mean for us.  I was supposed to go back in this Sunday, but my doctor wants me to come back instead on Monday and he’s going to extend how long I’m taking the medication for while keeping the dosage the same.  So I had to call the pharmacy up and order a couple more vials of menopur – I should have enough Lupron & possibly enough Gonal-F.  I really hope that Monday turns into our miracle ultrasound and he can find my right ovary and it’s got a bunch of good looking follicles.  But considering that my body is pretty much refusing to do anything it’s supposed to I’m not going to hold my breath.