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Just roll me down the hall

1 Aug

So I know I’ve been MIA the last week – I’ve been sleeping.  Seriously, I’ve been sleeping.  The fun and varied medications I’ve been on have seemed to kick into overdrive, I sleep a lot.  I’m also incredibly bloated – here have a picture of me in all my bloated glory

violet you're turning violet


Okay – so maybe that isn’t necessarily a picture of me but it is a pretty damn good picture of how I currently feel.  I have never been so bloated and so sore in my life.

When we went in for my ultrasound/bloodwork on Monday Dr. G was able to locate a little bit of my right ovary and saw 2 really good sized follicles, he said there was most likely more but it’s still in a place he isn’t 100% sure he will be able to access but he will try.  My left ovary still had 8 that were growing really well and a few more that were trying to play catch-up.  My Estradiol levels on that day were 2215, so definitely an improvement but at that point I was still bleeding really really heavily.  Dr. G said at that point if I didn’t stop bleeding and my uterus calm down we would have to make the choice to either cancel the cycle and start over or do the retrieval but freeze the eggs.  The hubs and I talked it over and neither of us were super gung-ho about starting over – I went home and had a nice conversation with my uterus. Yeah I’m a dork, I seriously talked to my uterus (I’ll just blame the meds for making me crazy :P) And low and behold the next day my period tapered off and by Wednesday (my next appointment) the bleeding was probably only at 5%.  “Huzzah” I foolishly thought – my body is finally doing what it’s supposed to and now we will be able to do a fresh transfer.  Yeah, no.  Dr. G said while it was great that my bleeding stopped my uterus still had the lining of a menstruating uterus and that “to transfer embryos into there would be the equivalent of flushing them down the toilet”.  So we were still only left with the two options, after talking to Dr. G for about 30mins we decided to continue with our plan of continuing the cycle and just freezing the embryos – we aren’t sure what day they will be frozen as the embryologist makes that call for the most part, but their office is really good about keeping us in the loop so we will know when they know.  Dr. G knew that we had opted for an ARC package and he said he didn’t want finances to be our deciding factor so that he would work it out with the billing/money lady that we would at least get three frozen cycles or would still get a fresh cycle somewhere down the line.  That was a bit of relief for us, we obviously didn’t want to make a decision based on money but with IVF as expensive as it is it’s somewhat easy to go that route.

Dr. G said that after doing the retrieval he wants to go back next month and do a hysteroscopy and possible another saline sonogram (the last two were done by my OB/GYN) to try to find out what is causing my abnormal bleeding.  While I hate waiting to the transfer (I am not a patient girl in any sense of the word) I know that it’s for the best – I want to do everything I can possibly do to make sure that those embryos hunker down in my uterus for 9mths.  without issue.

My Estradiol levels on Wednesday were pretty good at 4161 – so I was told to do our ovidrel shot on Wednesday night which I did and I go in on Friday morning at the buttcrack of dawn for my retrieval and for the hubs to give his sample (those men they have it so hard let me tell you, we get poked and prodded for weeks they get to look at naughty magazines and do their business in a cup – they are tortured I tell ya 😛 )

I’m trying to keep as positive as I possibly can about going the frozen route – Dr. G said they would transfer 3 embryos if we wanted as that would help increase the odds a bit and I’m all for increasing the odds. He also mentioned that it would give my body a chance to recover from the stress of medication and what not.  So like I said trying to keep positive.  In the meantime I’m looking forward to a few months of not having bloat from hell and sleeping 16 hours a day.

As I’ll be bed ridden on Friday I’ll try to post to let you all know how it went – and considering I will be highly medicated I promise nothing coherent.