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TMI Time

24 Jul

I realized after I went in for my ultrasound/blood work yesterday that I never posted what my initial Estradiol levels were.

When I went in on the 17th for my baseline my levels came back at 55.  Yesterday for my ultrasound/lab treatment day 5 they came back at 202.  I tried to look up online what numbers other people had gotten during their cycles but they really did seem to vary wildly.  During the appointment my doctor mentioned that if the number was low he would up my meds, when the numbers came back they opted to keep my meds the same (300units Gonal-F, 3u Lupron, & 75u Menopur), so I’m going to assume that is good.

We did get a bit of distressing news during the ultrasound however.  I’ve always had incredibly hard to find ovaries, I don’t know if they are just camera shy or what – but they love to hide and no amount of violent probing with the dildo wand will get them to show.  Our doctor said that because of the difficulty in finding them there is a chance he won’t be able to retrieve as many eggs as we would like.  He did say that there is a chance that as the follicles get larger they might become easier to access and less likely to run off and hide.  I’m really hoping that’s the case as I want him to be able to get as many of those suckers as possible.  He was able to briefly view the left ovary and noticed one larger follicle that is currently at 7mm & a lot of slightly smaller ones (that he did not measure at the time).  I’m hoping the right ovary is having a similar/better response, but it’s always been the super stubborn one.

I go back in on Friday for my next ultrasound, I hope that it turns out a bit better than this last appointment. I also started a period on Sunday, which the clinic told me might happen after stopping the BCP – my body took it’s sweet precious getting around to that period though as I had been off BCP for a week.  It’s been really heavy, which I was worried about but my Dr. assured me that it’s nothing to worry about.  I’m hoping it’s all done by Friday, because there is something just extra special gross about having the vaginal ultrasound done when you are bleeding like that.

I’ve been surprisingly not emotionally crazed while on my meds – I’m sure my husband is relieved.  I find it weird that the few cycles I did on clomid made me CRAZY but all these medications that I’m currently taking don’t seem to effect me much emotionally.  They are effecting me in other ways though – my back is killing me, I have some sort of strange version of insomnia where I can’t sleep for more than a couple hours at a time which is annoying.  I can easily deal with the back pain though (I just keep thinking happy baby thoughts) but the insomnia is really whats getting to me – I know I need lots of sleep/rest for my body to be all prepared to house a human being and what not – and it’s just not happening which is super frustrating.

Would love to hear what numbers other ladies have had around this time in their IVF cycle, also if anyone has any experience with camera shy ovaries and they might have any secrets to share as to how to get them to magically show up I am all ears!