19 Aug

So, the marching band has returned with great fanfare to my uterus, I was hoping that since it’s only been a month since my last period I wouldn’t get super vomit cramps – I am not so lucky.  I’m going to take the advice from the comments on my last post and call my RE this week – I’m going out of town tomorrow so it will have to wait till Tuesday.


Things have been a bit crazy the last week, I thought that upon returning from vacation and all the craziness that entailed things would calm down – I was wrong. We are leaving for Lincoln in the morning to go see Mumford & Son’s and celebrate my early b-day (I still refuse to believe I am turning 32).  We find out in a little over a week whether or not the MIL was able to get approved for the necessary loan so that we could move on with getting a HELOC for our house.  I’ve been a bit on pins and needles regarding this as we have sooooooooooo much riding on it.  I think the worry from that (I’m a worrier – it’s what I do) has completely fubar’d my sleeping schedule and it seems to be playing havoc on the hubs as well.  I’ve spent time every day at the post office mailing stuff I’ve been selling on amazon, and we’ve also had to play three rounds of “take the dogs to the vet” which is a production in and off itself and requires taking them one at a time because they all can’t be in the car at the same time.  I’ve had no motivation to cook so we’ve been living on crap food for the past week – I’m usually pretty anal about making a super duper menu and following that.  This week we have lived off of pizza, sandwiches and burger king – I hate myself :/ .   Well off I go to eat my tendergrill chicken sandwich and be self-loathing about it. 😛




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