Vacation Survival

10 Aug

I’m on a boat!

So, I just wanted to write a short little bit to let people know that I’m back from vacation.  It was good, it was crazy, it was exhausting.  All in all though the vacation was pretty good and much needed.  We spent a week with the hubs family to celebrate his grandmothers birthday which was awesome.  There was a bit of a hiccup the day after her birthday though when she got in a wreck and broke her wrist, luckily she is one tough cookie and is doing really well.  We were still able to do quite a bit of stuff with family and just on our own, then we spent a few days at a B&B that was near Yosemite. After Yosemite we were in Vegas for a few days then stopped a few random nights for the rest of the drive home.  Here are a few little points from our vacation:

Ikea is amazing – and I curse the fact that the closest one to where we live is 500 miles away 😦

Sailing is amazing (even if I don’t know how to swim and clung to my part of the boat like I was going to be kidnapped by a sea lion at any moment).  We privately chartered a sail boat for about 4 1/2 hours in Monterey – it was completely amazing!!! We went with my brother-in-law who is usually completely non-impressed by anything in life and even he was amazed, we also went with one of my husbands second cousins who was awesome :D.  Everyone had a good time and aside from returning with a sun burn from hell it was so amazing.

Mountain air is trying to kill me

The desert is also trying to kill me

The sun is without a doubt doing it’s damnedest to kill me (granted I helped it along by not putting on sunscreen when we went sailing – it was overcast so I didn’t think I needed it – yeah I needed it)

I married into a pretty awesome family – we might be dealing with some little tidbits of finance drama but all things considered it could be much much worse and they are good people.

Vegas is awesome – especially the Wynn (if you ever get a chance to stay there do so – it was completely amazeballs)

The hubs getting sick while in Vegas was not so awesome – so we spent the entire two days in our hotel (most of it in our hotel room – luckily it was an incredibly awesome room)

Driving through Northern Nevada & Western Kansas is incredibly mind numbing.

I’m fully convinced that people in California can’t drive (sorry if you are from Cali and feel that you can drive – I’ll just call you the exception to the rule 😛 )

San Francisco traffic makes me homicidal but the House of Prime Rib in San Fran was worth the homicidal rage – seriously best food/best service ever.


I think surviving with your significant other for over 4000 miles in a car deserves some sort of trophy.  We did pretty well with it though and didn’t start getting snippy with each other until about 100miles from home.  Although, truth be told it was me doing most of the snipping.  I have this weird thing where I can’t sleep if someone is driving for fear of them falling asleep and driving us to our doom.  I was so tired and all I wanted to do was fall asleep but my mind wouldn’t let me so I took out some of my frustration on my poor beleaguered husband.  It didn’t help matters that I decided at that time to clean out the glove compartment and found the program from my husbands senior prom in 1997 (when we moved my husband stored random things in the car and some he had forgotten about – this was one of those things).  I decided some self punishment was in order and found the prom picture with my husband and his prom date (who was just a friend of his).  I made the comment “well, she was skinny wasn’t she” and he responded with “yes, she was”.  In my mind this was the wrong thing for him to say and I spent the last 50 miles yelling at him telling him “I didn’t make you marry my fat ass, if you wanted some skinny chick you should go back to California and get her”.  Yes, dear readers I turned into giant bitch stereotype – I hate myself a plenty for it trust me.  I was fine about 5 minutes after walking in the door and apologized profusely, so what did my husband do – he went out and got us dinner so I could take a nap and brought me back a “I love you” card where he wrote me a letter telling me that he loved me and only me and would never want to be with anyone else and that the happiest parts of his day are spent with me.  Seriously, if someone could please tell me what I did to deserve such a great man I would love to know – because I’m pretty sure there are days when I don’t deserve him – not even remotely.


In news on the “fertility” front – I tried my hardest to not think about it while we were on vacation.  Trying not to think about it didn’t work though, the only time my mind felt truly free was when we went sailing, I was able to just concentrate on the beauty of everything.  Most of the time though it was in the back of my mind, I talked a bit about it with my second cousin-in-law, she was pretty awesome about everything but then at some point she uttered those dreadful words “Just relax” – after that I pretty much just took a deep breath and tuned out her “advice”.  It bothered me at weird times, when we went to Ikea I remembered how we had planned on getting a crib here and how now we weren’t.  I did buy a little stuffed bear though to keep though for “one day” – although the superstitious side of me gave it to my mom for safekeeping when we got home, I can’t bring myself to keep the items in my house (we have a couple we’ve purchased over the years).  Another time it bothered me was when we were at Yosemite, my husband was telling me about how they used to go there all the time when he was growing up and all the things his family did on those vacations.  There was a part of me that just wondered “Will we do those things with our own child someday or will we never get that chance?”.
Now that we are back we will be focusing on getting our credit card debt paid off and once that is done and the crap with the family finances is dealt with we will continue to our IVF treatments.  I really am ready to get the ball rolling!!!

Go Go Yosemite






2 Responses to “Vacation Survival”

  1. Emily @ablanket2keep August 15, 2012 at 6:48 pm #

    Sounds like it was a great trip even with the “advice” and fighting. I hope you feel refreshed! Great pic of you two at Yosemite!

    • taradawes August 15, 2012 at 8:25 pm #

      Thanks – it wasn’t so much fighting as it was my deranged crying and yelling and my husband just looking like a deer in a headlights and longing to say “what the hell is wrong with you woman?!?” but biting his tongue like the gentleman he is 😛 I had soooooo many blogs to catch up on when I got back – can’t believe so much stuff can happen in two weeks 😀

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